An Eye For An Eye – A Noughts and Crosses Novella


Name: An Eye For An Eye

Author: Malorie Blackman

Year: 2003

Genre: Young Adult, Alternate Reality

An Eye For An Eye is the 2003 novella which Malorie Blackman wrote for World Book Day 2003 as a sequel for Noughts and Crosses and a continuation for the second novel in the series, Knife Edge. Note this review does contain spoilers after the ad!

At the end of Noughts and Crosses, Callum is executed for his involvement in the Liberation Militia after he is dragged into it by his brother Jude. He kidnapped Sephy and though the two made love when Sephy escaped and realised she was pregnant he was accused of raping her. Sephy’s father Kamal Hadley tried to persuade Sephy to have an abortion and when they failed, tried to make a deal with Callum that if he could persuade Sephy to have an abortion then he would only be sent to prison which he also refused.

An Eye For An Eye picks up a few months after the ending of Noughts and Crosses. Sephy is heavily pregnant but has largely cut herself off from her family and lives in a run down Nought area of town. Her sister Minerva turns up to try and make amends and persuade Sephy to come back to her mother’s house when they are attacked by Jude.

Jude managed to escape the police during the kidnapping and has been watching Sephy and plans to kill her out of vengeance for what happened to Callum. During the night Jude threatens Sephy and Minerva but is shocked when Sephy reacts largely with calmness and even begins to goad him.

Will she make it out of the situation alive?

An Eye For An Eye is a great little closed room thriller with Sephy, Jude and Minerva all playing this tense cat and mouse game of wits after the events of the novel. I did enjoy the drama and it showed how Sephy has grown into a survivor and protector over her child since the events of the main novel.

It is an entertaining read but probably works best as an epilogue to Noughts and Crosses and was featured in my edition of the novel rather than as a standalone book and though it was published at the time I believe it is now packaged with the novel which is a good thing to include it.

It is definitely entertaining enough to read and at the moment I am reading Knife Edge which is the second main novel in the series and nothing in this has really come up yet so I don’t think it is necessary to read to understand the full plot of the next book.

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