Is It Just Me?

Name: Is It Just Me?

Author: Miranda Hart

Year: 2012

Genre: Comedy, Biography

Hi guys and thank you for joining me on what is an extremely freezing Saturday in December in the UK at the moment – also only 10 days to go until Christmas! I hope you have all your presents wrapped up, food purchased and Christmas tree put up (or if your like me, you’ve purchased the food but then ate most of it watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here / Celebrity Jungle Torture last week so now need to panic buy it all again – it’s just the mince pies look so good, especially when they are eating kangaroo bits on the telly at the same time! :-)).

Anyway you join me on my review of Miranda Hart’s Is It Just Me? – This is a book that I have read a few times as I’m a fan of Miranda’s TV show and with the weather getting colder I thought it would be a great tonic to cheer me up on this dark winter nights and worth a revisit.


Unlike the previous books I have reviewed this book doesn’t really have a plot so this section is quite brief – we join Miranda as she takes us to her “writerly bosom” and gives us a whistle-stop tour of the “less serious but undeniably discombobulating and embarrassing hiccups, nuances, and foibles” of life as she gives advice to her 18 year old self.

From music, to beach etiquette, through to Christmas, Dating and Weddings the book takes us on a hilarious journey as Miranda picks apart all the scenario’s where it is possible to go wrong at these times in our lives. Such Fun!


I have found this book absolutely hilarious every time I have read it and this read through was no exception – in fact there are so many jokes in this book that each time I have revisited it I always find one I have forgotten which makes me laugh out loud.

I even remember first time reading this and taking the front cover plaudit from Closer magazine that I will “laugh out loud on public transport while reading this” as a bit of a challenge (which does seem very Miranda-esque having read this, if I do say so myself) and I had to try my hardest on just the first few pages not to laugh on the bus journey home about Mrs. Prawn Eye which you will get to pretty early on!

Also for those who have been following my account on Twitter I found the Christmas chapter especially relatable at this time of year (“The Mother!”). The book also has some very funny lists of problems that Miranda has had such as visiting the beach and having her towel blow into her face, to stealing stationary from the office cupboard and/or going in there for a snooze! The book also has some “pit stop” moments where Miranda challenges you to do some of the things suggested in the earlier chapters which are hilarious when you imagine yourself doing these things and also pretty terrifying to think about doing yourself.

In fact, though I came to the book just purely for laughs there are some sections that do pose some food for thought and the pit stops help to bring these things home.

There is a chapter early on where Miranda talks about her smartphone to her 18 year old self who wonders just why we are so obsessed with our mobile phones and taking selfie’s rather than just living in the moment and one of the challenges is to not use your phone for 24 hours which, though fortunately I’m not terribly attached to my device I can certainly thing some people in my age range would find this incredibly difficult but could probably do with trying.

Also the chapter on dieting I actually found quite emotional when I think of people who I know who are obsessed with the idea of looking good and try every diet under the sun to try and get that way.

In the end the book carries a very life-affirming message that it is best to live in the moment and be yourself rather than worry about situations where things go wrong and sometimes to do something scary and a bit out of your comfort zone, even if you do look a bit mad doing it..


If you want a book this Christmas with more than a few laughs to offer but also has a positive message I would give this book a try.

If you disagree with my review, or want to let me know what the bonus content was like then let me know in the comments below.

Thank you guys and in case I do not post again this side of Christmas I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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