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Jessica Jones Season 1


Age Rating (UK/US): 18 / TV-MA (Changed to 16+ on Disney+)

Jessica Jones Season 1 introduces PI Jessica Jones as she does battle against Kilgrave & is the second series in Marvel’s The Defenders, following on from Daredevil Season 1.

Jessica Jones is a Private Investigator in New York with superhuman strength. She runs her own agency as Alias Investigations and also does work for Jeri Hogarth, a hotshot lawyer in the city who is divorcing her wife. However Jessica also is dealing with trauma from a horrific past, involving a man named Kilgrave, who has the ability to control people’s minds who she believed died in bus crash.

However when she is called to investigate the disappearance of Hope Shlotmann by her parents she realises Kilgrave may still be alive and she may need to confront her past to defeat him.

Overall I really enjoyed this second series in the Defenders Saga. The series has a very film-noir style which is fun to watch whilst also tackling some very hard-hitting issues through it’s premise, including rape, consent and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Krysten Ritter is amazing as Jessica Jones, bringing a tough and sardonic exterior but also showing the complexities going on underneath as she is learning to cope with a lot of things she has done.

I am also a massive fan of David Tennant, especially as he is my favourite Doctor in Doctor Who and he does a great job of playing Kilgrave who is twisted and a man you will love to hate, although he also has some interesting moments like Fisk before him in Daredevil where you even feel a degree of sympathy for his character, especially when you learn how he gained his power, even though you don’t want to due to his evil side. 

The show also is fantastic at showing Kilgrave’s power and the repercussions of it, with the first few episodes being quite slow but there is a scene where he goes into a family home and basically takes over and forces the children to lock themselves in the cupboard, even though one of them needs the toilet and ultimately wets themselves which is very upsetting and horrific and as the series goes on this escalates into more and more scary things.

I also watched this show alongside She-Hulk which Disney did a lot of marketing at being a “female-led” superhero show but this show is a million miles better than anything in that show which I may write a review for at a later date.

The show does have a bit of a slow start in a similar vein to Daredevil, also a couple of the episodes do have a similar plotline where they find Kilgrave, only for him to escape yet again which can be a bit tiresome but I would definitely recommend watching it due to its interesting characters and themes and overall storyline.

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