Ne-Yo Champagne & Roses Tour, Birmingham Resorts World Arena

Last night (15th March), I went to see R&B superstar Ne-Yo at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, as part of his Champagne and Roses tour.

Now I will start by saying I didn’t see Ne-Yo’s support act Mario, who is another R&B singer but I’m not as much of a fan of him as Ne-Yo so I went along for the main show itself. Also Ne-Yo is an artist who for me I have found I like and listen to specific singles rather than his full albums.

At the start of the show Ne-Yo got straight into some of his biggest hits with Closer, Because of You and Sexy Love all coming up very early on. His vocals were great, as were his backing dancers and the crowd were really going along with it.

I was also very happy that all of his big hits did feature in the setlist, including my favourites, Miss Independent and Give Me Everything as it can always be disappointing when a star misses out their biggest hits but they were definitely all there.

During the middle section there were quite a few album tracks and these were all R&B slow jams – I did listen to his debut album the week before the concert but didn’t recognise them as much but he still performed them excellently. 

I also loved the final four to five songs of the set as any hut he hadn;t sung yet, he put in an epic running order which the crowd went crazy for (with Give Me Everything closing the show).

There was also some really great moments, including halfway through during U 2 Love where he selects three ladies from the audience to do a little dance battle – all three ladies at the show I went to were from the West Midlands with Stoke, Coventry and Wolverhampton represented. All three were fab and amazing dancers, but the lady from Wolverhampton won and she was incredible. Ne-Yo also had some great banter with the audience throughout but my favourite bit, was when he said the dancer from Wolverhampton got him pregnant and he needed her to sign some paperwork which was funny.

The only part which I thought was a bit of a let down was probably because I had read in an article somewhere that Ne-Yo covered a couple of songs he had written for other artists, such as Rihanna’s Take a Bow and Beyonce’s Irreplaceable.

However on the night Mario came back out and the music video was played in the background with the original artists vocals which I do wish Ne-Yo had performed himself. Although he did come out to sing the end part of Hate That I Love You, hearing his interpretation of Take A Bow or Irreplaceable would have been great.

I also normally post on my show reviews a setlist which comes from Setlist.fm but as I’m not 100% familiar of all the songs and at the time of writing no one has put the 15th March setlist on, this was the setlist from the show on the 14th March:

  1. Closer
  2. Because of You
  3. Nobody
  4. Champagne Life
  5. Sexy Love
  6. She Knows
  7. Single
  8. You Got the Body
  9. Mirror
  10. So Sick
  11. Handle Me Gently
  12. U 2 Luv
  13. Push Back
  14. Mad
  15. Do You
  16. Don’t Love Me
  17. Unreleased Song
  18. Knock You Down
  19. Take a Bow
  20. Irreplaceable
  21. Hate That I Love You
  22. She Got Her Own
  23. Miss Independent
  24. Beautiful Monster
  25. Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)
  26. Let’s Go
  27. Time of Our Lives
  28. Play Hard
  29. Give Me Everything

Overall though it was a great night and his next show is in London. If you have been to one of the shows, let me know down below what you thought (including who won the dance off at your show!).

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