Peter Kay Better Late Than Never Tour Review


Better Late Than Never is the 2022 tour by comedian Peter Kay, after a 12 year absence. 

My dad is a big Peter Kay fan and whilst I have seen some of his stuff over the years – clips of his stand up and who can forget “Is This The Way To Amarillo” from 2005, I hadn’t seen a full stand-up show of his so when the tickets became available we decided to go along.

Unfortunately two days before the show we did have some very sad news as a close family friend passed away – though the news wasn’t a massive shock to us as they had been battling health issues for quite a while and had deteriorated in the last few months the show turned out to be a wonderful pick me up and escape for the two hour run time.

Photo of me and dad in our seats before the show.

The show is roughly divided into two parts with two themes running throughout – the first is a bit of a nostalgia trip as Peter goes through jobs he had growing up, the TV jingles which he listened to etc. which is sure to stir memories as he brings them out. He also added some funny one-liners about Philip Schofield which if you have been in the UK has been inescapable the past few weeks. I laughed at a joke he made when he worked at the Blockbuster and had an angry customer due to a mix-up with an adult film the customer wanted and Peter accidentally gave them The Lion King instead of Reservoir Doggy.

The second theme was to do with the passing of his beloved 96 year old gran as well as some of Kay’s own health issues including an operation for kidney stones. Obviously the feelings about our family friend were very raw but the jokes he did were still hilarious and the slideshow he played towards the end, with recording of a conversation he had with his nan playing over the top is a touching and fitting tribute to their relationship.

Peter also updated his forgotten lyrics routine (which if you haven’t seen the original I would go and check it out immediately) as well as a bonkers bonanza of a finale which was brilliant and I do not want to ruin here.

Overall it was a really fun night and I would just like to give Peter a warm welcome back and hopefully it’s not a decade until his next tour (although this one has dates until 2025 currently so the next tour will probably be whenever this one finishes)!

If you are looking for more Peter Kay then he has also released a new book – TV: Big Adventures on the Small Screen which was released on the 28th September 2023, you can also check out my review of the book here.

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