S Club The Good Times Tour, Birmingham Utilita Arena

A few weeks ago I went to see one of my favourite Noughties bands, S Club in their The Good Times tour.

I bought the tickets for the then named S Club 7 reunion tour pretty much as soon as the tour was announced as I missed their previous reunion in 2015. However the tour was hit by the devestating untimely death of Paul Cattermole at the age of 46 and the departure of Hannah Spearitt, who had a long term relationship with Paul so was understandably distraught from his sudden passing.

The remaining five members, Jo O’ Meara, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Bradley McIntosh and Jon Lee decided to continue with the tour, which was now rebranded as S Club: The Good Times Tour (in honour of the song of the same name which Paul sang lead vocals on). They embarked on their tour during October which came to Birmingham for the first of two dates on the 26th.

I normally do like to talk about the support acts as I enjoy seeing them (when I went to see Shania Twain in September I enjoyed Breland’s set) but I unfortunately missed the first support act due to traffic and queueing.

The second support act was the band Now United which hs a somewhat quirky but saccahrine concept. The idea behind this band is each member is from a different country with 9 active members currently – they are also managed by S Club’s original manager Simon Fuller. Whilst the songs they sung were catchy I have to admit I don’t remember their performance too much, also as the emphasis is very much on the countries they represent, rather than the members themselves they aren’t quite as memorable as other acts and it does feel a little bit cheesy when you do see them (especially as they were put together as a manufacutred gorup by Fuller which comes across especially cynical for me for some reason).

Anyway after both support acts it was finally time for S Club. Arriving on stage in some very Power Ranger-esque outfits of pink, yellow, orange, light blue and navy blue the group sang through their biggest hits and everyone was very quickly on their feet and singing them back. Two of my personal favourite songs of there’s came early with You’re My Number One and You.

Whilst of course the tragic circumstances around the loss of Paul meant that they couldn’t perform as a full group I did wonder in the run up to the show how the remaining five would be and whether it would feel as though something was missing but it was great how natural they seemed with each other on stage as a five with a great chemistry.

Halfway through came one of two costume changes as they changed into all black outfits which was just in time for their most iconic hit Don’t Stop Movin’. Here a giant disco ball descended from the ceiling as everyone really got into their element.

The tour then had a very poignant and touching tribute to Paul, as they played Good Times which was the song he sang lead on from their album Sunshine. On screen were clips from their music videos, live shows and Miami 7, their kids TV show from the 90s.

They also performed their reunion hit These Are The Days which was released in July and is a great pop track in keeping with their previous sound.

At the climax came a third costume change as they changed into white winter outfits which were reminiscent of their video for Never Had A Dream Come True which was part of the encore, as well as reprise of S Club Party which was remixed to a verison I would definitely want to here again).

It was overall a fantastic show and throwback to one of my favourite bands as a little kid. The tour has now finished in the UK but will be moving to Canada and the USA next year.


  1. S Club Party
  2. Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You
  3. You’re My Number One
  4. Natural
  5. Sunshine
  6. You
  7. Stronger
  8. Bring The House Down
  9. Friday Night
  10. Don’t Stop Movin’
  11. Good Times (live footage of Paul and montage of clips)
  12. Bring It All Back
  13. Two In A Million
  14. These Are The Days
  15. Have You Ever
  16. Alive
  17. Reach
  18. Never Had A Dream Come True
  19. S Club Party (Reprise)
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