Shania Twain Queen Of Me Tour, Birmingham Utilita Arena

Last night I went to see one of favourite artists of all time, Shania Twain as she rolled into Birmingham for her Queen Of Me UK tour.

Now to say that I am a fan of Shania is an understatement, I have been a fan of hers ever since I was four years old and Come On Over reached it’s peak popularity in the UK (though it was released in 1997 it took until 1999 for the album to reach the peak position in the UK album charts).

I also remember watching the Shania Live in Dallas VHS and copying all of the moves and making my mum watch me sing all the songs religiously and even here on the blog I have reviewed her 2011 autobiography From This Moment On. I’ve also bought most of her albums on CD and bought them all again on vinyl including two editions of Come on Over in order to have the 25th anniversary signed print but I’ve never actually had the chance to see her live.

First of all she was supported on the tour by American country rap and R&B singer Breland who opened and though I hadn’t heard of him before the tour I really enjoyed his set and he did come back out to duet with Shania later which I will get too.  My favourite song of his was probably the hip-hop/country pop crossover song High Horse with Breland doing some slick dance moves on stage.

Then of course there was Shania who came on to do a fantastic 2 hour set. Kicking off with recent album lead single Waking Up Dreaming she emerged from a box in the middle of the audience donning shades and a blonde wig and though being only 5 ft 5 I couldn’t see her initially when I did realise how close she was I was definitely very excited (clip of this is down below on my Twitter – on my phone is a two minute clip of me waving my phone around trying to get this 1 minute clip – maybe one for an outtakes article at some point!).

She then emerged on stage with a video of a rocket launch behind her and smoke filling on the stage to take us through an epic 27 years of country pop music and showing why she is still the reigning Queen of Country Pop. Gone was the shades and jacket to reveal a beautiful leather and rhinestone-studded pants outfit.

From getting on a motorbike on stage to sing I’m Gonna Getcha Good to a country party where the Twain Saloon which rolled into Birmingham for Giddy Up!, Any Man Of Mine and Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under! Shania looked right at home and was very entertaining throughout.

Whilst the show was fairly minimal in terms of props and dancers (with only really the motorbike and two backing dancers who were also her backing singers) and most of the staging being videos backdrops they were still very entertaining.

When Shania sings Pretty Liar, one of her new album songs and the first song in her catalogue to have an expletive I found it very funny that she sang it in front of a Parental Advisory sign and asked about the culture of swearing in Birmingham and then sang the song with fire playing dramatically in the background). There was also a beautiful wave effect during Forever and For Always which I thought added a lovely beach visual to the song similar to the music video. The crowd were also loving it with everyone standing, singing and dancing from the very first song until the end.

Shania also brought Breland for a duet of her 2004 song Party for Two as well as album track Inhale/Exhale Air.

There were also plenty of moments throughout the show where Shania thanked her fans and I think this goes to show why we as fans continue to support her many years later. She sang Happy Birthday to one fan who was turning 50 and pulled another on stage to sing an acapella version of Forever and For Always to her. There was also a lovely moment where she sang her classic wedding song From This Moment On, where she got fans on stage around tables both to watch her and also to say hello and take selfies.

After singing the majority of her setlist she then left the stage and came back for an encore and definitely saved her most famous hits until last.

This was also her only costume change during the show, emerging back on stage this time wearing the iconic leopard print outfit from the That Don’t Impress Me Much! video to sing both that song and Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

Taking to Twitter I have seen on alternate shows she wore the black dress from that video instead for the encore, although personally I’m glad I saw the That Don’t Impress Me Much outfit as based on personal preference I prefer this song more – in fact it brings back nostalgia for me as I remember me and my schoolfriends used to joke about whether she actually got out of the desert from that video. Anyway as with the rest of the show everyone was back up and on their feet to round off a fantastic show.

Since being at the show I have seen some very strange videos and reports on the tour in the USA which shows fans leaving mid-show in droves and criticising Shania’s voice.

Whilst you can definitely tell a lot of time has passed since the older songs were first out and Shania sings them in a lower register than she used to I didn’t notice much wrong with her vocals at all and I thought her chat in between the songs was very entertaining and from the crowds reaction in the room and what I’ve seen on social media, everyone in the UK has loved the tour who has been to see it. 

Whilst the Birmingham show was sadly the second to last UK show with only Leeds left, she is continuing her tour with a second leg of the USA and Canada but I definitely can’t wait for her to return to the UK for me to be able to go and see her again.

Setlist – Breland

  1. Natural
  2. High Horse
  3. Thick
  4. Cowboy Don’t
  5. Beers On Me
  6. Cross Country
  7. Throw It Back
  8. Don’t Touch My Truck
  9. Praise The Lord

Setlist – Shania Twain

  1. Waking Up Dreaming
  2. Up!
  3. Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)
  4. I’m Gonna Getcha Good!
  5. Come On Over
  6. You’re Still The One
  7. Giddy Up!
  8. Any Man Of Mine
  9. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
  10. Honey I’m Home
  11. Inhale/Exhale Air (duet with Breland)
  12. Party For Two (duet with Breland)
  13. Nah!/ She’s Not Just A Pretty Face / Waiter! Bring Me Water! / When / Thank You Baby! (For Makin Someday Come So Soon) Medley
  14. Pretty Liar
  15. From This Moment On
  16. Number One
  17. Forever And For Always
  18. (If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here!
  19. That Don’t Impress Me Much (Encore)
  20. Man! I Feel Like A Woman (Encore)
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