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Sister Act is the musical based on the 1992 movie starring Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith. I have always loved the movie since I first saw it as a teenager so wanted to watch the musical since it came out so decided to go for my Mum’s Christmas present this year, along with my dad, sister and other half (although my sister had seen the first run of the musical in 2022 and loved it).

The plot of the musical is mostly the same as the original movie – Dolores Van Cartier is a lounge singer dating a mob boss and singing in his club, but when she witnesses him shoot someone, she goes to the police. The police want her to testify against him in court but to keep her safe from him put her into witness protection in a convent. Whilst there, she joins the choir and helps to turn the church around but as their church gains a new lease of life, will Curtis catch up with her?

The new musical does expand certain parts of the story, for exampel Sister Marty Roberts who is the shy nun with a big voice goes through a bigger character arc as she grows in confidence and their is a romantic subplot between Dolores and the police officer, who she knew at school as “Steady” Eddie. The new plot points were great though and gave the characters some solo numbers so that they all had a chance to shine.

The music in the show is all original songs written by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater – Menken of course is well known for writing lyrics for many musicals as well as songs for many movies during the Disney Renaiisance era of the 1990s, such as the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Whilst I do like in the original movie how the songs played on Motwon hits of the 60s, such as My Guy being changed to My God and part of me did missed that, although I guess probably due to copyright issues those songs couldn’t be used. However the new songs are catchy and fun to listen to – my favourites being Raise Your Voice and Take Me To Heaven which I am listening to on the original cast recording as I write this and I do weant to give the entire soundtrack album a good listen to.

The show also had some great comedy moments, the song where Eddie pines after Dolores turning into a campy Disco number. Also the part of the movie towards the climax in Reno is re-enacted which was really funny. Also the song with TJ, Pablo and Joey was really entertaining.

Overall the show is fun, uplifting entertainment which I would hihgly recommend you check out. It is on at Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday 18th May, although there are limited availability on tickets on the two performances on the 18th which you can book here.

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