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Age Rating (UK/US): PG / PG

At the weekend, I decided to treat myself and go and see the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie at the cinema so I thought I would write a review.

Note: This review does contain some spoilers.

Set eight months after the first film, Dr. Robotnik/Eggman is on the Mushroom planet and Sonic has been adopted by the Wachowski’s. Eggman manages to invent an escape using a portal created by the rings, except he also ends up meeting Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles wants to honour his tribe’s legacy and retrieve the Master Emerald, which is hidden on Earth and has the power of Chaos Emeralds contained within.

Eggman spotting an opportunity, tells Knuckles that Sonic has the Emeralds, setting them on a collision course to become enemies. Meanwhile, Tails has also travelled across dimensions and is aware of Knuckles and goes to meet Sonic to warn him and ends up rescuing him from Knuckles. So begins a madcap adventure as Sonic and Tails race to the Master Emerald.

I haven’t actually seen the first movie as I was put off by the Sonic design that caused some controversy during the films’ production – though my sister has seen it and said it was really good. Overall though I enjoyed this movie and there is no real requirement to watch the first one to know what is going on.

First of all, Jim Carrey is one of my favourite comic actors, as I loved his 90’s and 00’s films such as The Mask, Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty and he clearly is having a ball playing Eggman in this movie and he has plenty of funny lines in his scenes – one of his first is right at the beginning of the movie where he is isolated on a planet so befriends a rock and calls him “Stone”. As a fan of the games it is strange seeing a slimline Eggman in terms of physical look but I can’t think of any other actor who could play this role really.

There is also plenty of laughs throughout the entire film, with the movie taking inspiration from plenty of other movies and not being afraid to point fun at that. From Sonic calling Knuckles “the Winter Soldier” and a Step Up style dance battle between Sonic and Tails an a Russian man for the map to the Emerald (yes, you read that correctly). There is even a wedding scene with Natasha Rothwell pretty much stealing the show in a scene that had me crying with laughter in the cinema. It is on the one level completely random but also very fun to watch.

There was also plenty of entertaining action sequences which pay homage to the games and other action movies, including a hilarious car chase at the beginning of the movie and an Indiana Jones-esque Temple raid sequence near the end.

I would say the film does run out of steam slightly at the end and the runtime maybe slightly too long but I had a very fun Saturday afternoon in the cinema watching it and will be looking to buy the film when it is out.

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