The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher Audiobook Cover

The Christmasaurus Musical Edition


Name: The Christmasaurus Musical Edition Audiobook

Author: Tom Fletcher

Presented By: Paul Shelley

Year: 2018

Genre: Children’s

Length: 6hrs 25mins

The Christmasaurus is the debut children’s novel by McFly member Tom Fletcher, about a boy who receives a dinosaur for Christmas. Here I will be reviewing The Musical Edition audiobook read by Paul Shelley with 14 original songs.

I chose this audiobook as I wanted to listen to something festive as we are getting close to Christmas and the fact it is a Musical Edition did intrigue me.

The story begins with a brief prologue in prehistoric times on the day the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid, apart from one dinosaur egg which managed to fall into the ice and becomes trapped there.

In the present day, William Trundle is an eight year old boy who is a wheelchair user and his dad loves Christmas. He is a happy boy until Brenda Payne arrives at his school and his life becomes unbearable as she bullies him and William writes a letter to Santa saying that he probably won’t be able to give him what he wants this Christmas.

Meanwhile in the North Pole, Santa and his elves who talk in rhyme are busily preparing for Christmas when they discover a dinosaur egg. It hatches and the dinosaur is born, however he is unlike any dinosaur discovered so Santa gives him the name Christmasaurus.

Upon receiving William’s letter, Santa decides to make him a magical toy, a perfect replica of the Christmasaurus. Santa makes the toy but the real Christmasaurus develops an attachment to it so when Christmas Eve comes, Santa sets off and the real Christmasaurus climbs into his sleigh, hoping to see the toy one more time but a mix up ensues and William ends up going on the most wonderful Christmas adventure he ever imagined.

I really enjoyed this festive debut novel from Tom Fletcher, who is most known for being one of the lead vocalists in the boyband McFly, who I grew up listening to when their firs this Five Colours In Her Hair was released in 204 (I was 9).

The story has a very magical Roald Dahl-esque quality to it, William being a down-on-his luck protagonist in a similar way to Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before the magical Christmasaurus comes into his life and whisks him away on an adventure, which will definitely keep the kids entertained, big and small kids alike.

Brenda Payne is also a horrible Mean-Girl type character although she does have a character arc which redeems her throughout the novel and you do actually feel quite sympathetic towards her when you realise why she is a bully later on.

This exclusive musical edition is also a very good idea. The 14 songs are all very fun to listen to, from the hopeful Afraid of Heights (which reminds me of From Now On from The Greatest Showman), to the jazzy Christmas Makes Me Sick and the excitable  I Ho, Ho, Hope It’s Santa. All the songs are great listens and it also took me back to the Disney Read-Along books I had when I was little.

I would definitely recommend giving this audiobook a try if you need something to entertain the kids at Christmas, or fancy a little bit of escapism and being a big kid yourself at Christmas.

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