The ‘Out Out’ Tour


Name: The ‘Out Out’ Tour

Presented By: Micky Flanagan

Year: 2015

Genre: Comedy

No. Of Episodes: 1

Episode Length (Average): 1hr 30mins

‘So were you out?….or were you Out Out?”

In this review I will be reviewing the audiobook version of Micky Flanagan’s The Out Out Tour, a comedy show which was recorded live for his comedy tour in Southend-on-sea in Essex.

I decided to have a listen to this after a particularly stressful evening drive home from work (honestly the traffic and people’s inability to drive since the Coronavirus lockdown has been super stressful) and a tip was to listen to something funny so I thought why not pick one of my favorite comedian’s and listen to his live show (which to be honest I didn’t even know was a thing until I looked this one up!).

Honestly it was one of the funniest drives home I’ve had in ages as this audio book is hilarious.

Kicking off with the Bee Gee’s Staying Alive we hear just why he was the biggest selling comedian in 2016 in the UK from fan reactions about the East End boy done good.

Then of course the show kicks off and he doesn’t disappoint with the jokes coming quick and fast – I even at one point on my commute where I usually queue for ages I almost had tears.

From jokes about the Cockney Walk, the royal family, a funny story about his holidays in America where he was dating a girl and how he had a communication breakdown when he said “house” in his Cockney accent it sounded just like how Americans say “ass”.

The tour also has one of my favorite jokes of his about window peeping which there is actually a clip of on YouTube (note there is a bit of bad language in this clip)!

Then there is his iconic catchphrase “were you out, or were you out out” as he explains, there’s different levels to going out – there’s popping out to the shops and then there’s going out out when you go out properly.

The only negative I would say is at’s an audio recording of a live show some of the jokes have to be seen to really land such as the peeping joke in the video above, whilst it’s still hilarious on the audio it is even funnier when watched back.

However it was a great audio book and I would recommend it for anyone who needs a laugh in these dark winter days!

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