The Thursday Murder Club


Name: The Thursday Murder Club

Author: Richard Osman

Year: 2020

Genre: Crime, Thriller

The Thursday Murder Club is the debut novel in a crime series by TV presenter, Pointless co-host Richard Osman.

The Thursday Murder Club is a group of four pensioners who all live at the luxurious Cooper’s Chase retirement village and meet once a week to try to resolve cold murder cases. Joyce is the newest member and is a retired news, whilst Ibrahim is a psychotherapist who still meets patients at the village whilst Rob Ritchie is the father of boxer Jason Ritchie and is a former trade union leader. Completing the group is the mysterious Elizabeth who has a very murky past.

One day the group are called to a consultation with the owner of Coopers Chase, Ian Ventham who wants to dig up a former cemetery on the site to add a new building. He also intends to cut out his business partner Tony Curran from the deal so that he can make more money.  The group witness the pair arguing in the car park but later that day are shocked and excited when he turns up dead.

However as the plot thickens and mroe bodies turn up, the group must get to the heart of the mystery. Why was Tony Curran found with a photograph of him with Ron’s son from 20 years previously? What shocking secret is someone trying to keep hidden in the Garden of Eternal Rest? Why does one resident keep going up the hill to watch over the graveyard.

I firs tread this book as part of an online book group that I joined with this being the first book. I had actually bought it a while ago from Amazon but it was sat on my TBR pile until then and I loved it.

One of my favourite parts of the story is that Osman decided to set it in a retirement home with pensioners, who with the exception of Elizabeth appear to be armchair detectives whoa re suddenly thrown into the deep end in a fish out of water situation.

I also think of the group almost being like a neighbourhood watch group of detectives and all four members are fantastic characters that I think everyone will recognise someone who is like the characters in the group, from Ron who likes to pick fights in some ways just so that he can have something to do during the day, to Ibrahim who is somewhat pedantic and likes to explain everything that he has done.

The book is also very darkly funny with lots of laugh out loud lines throughout. Some that stick in my head is the group decide to do a test drive from Coopers Chase to Tony Curran’s home to find out if Ian Ventham could’ve committed the murder but they stop around the corner. However Ibrahim thinks they should drive right the way up to the gate even time scene though it is a crime scene for completeness.

Also when Elizabeth decides they need to get a police officer  called Donna on the inside to help them with the murders both she and Joyce go to the police station where Elizabeth pretends her bag is stolen. When the male police officer then says he will interviewer her Joyce tells him Elizabeth is a nun so will only speak to a female. It is completely ridiculous but makes for an entertaining read so see the scrapes these pensioners get into to solve the murder.

Whilst there is some clear suspects right at the beginning of the book there were some parts of the plot which completely threw me which also helps to make a crime thriller stick long in the memory.

I know this is the first book in the series and I cannot wait to read the subsequent sequels so I would highly recommend giving this book a try.

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