UPDATE 2024: I did an Ancestry Test and here’s my results

Back in 2021 I did an Ancestry test and Tell Me Gen have had an update to give me some new information on my ancestry. This post is a follow on from my first post where I talk about the test I took, what was involved in doing the test and the results it came back with.

The results

Below you can see the first screenshot of my ancestry report which I was surprised by when it said I was 49% German in my Ancestry.

Here is the updated results:

It seems since I have taken the test more people have done the Tell Me Gen test, especially in the UK as my updated results now have my Ancestry as 72% British territories.

However it is clear from the updated Ancestry test results that I do still have some German ancestry with Central Europe forming the second biggest group in my Ancestry. However, Central Europe also includes France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium in this particular ancestry test.

It also appears I have some more information on the Iberian DNA which seems to be pointed to Italy which is 4.8% of my Ancestry. However I was surprised that the Balkan Peninsula came up in my ancestry with 4.5% and in particular Albania. However upon reading the info it gives on these groups it suggest the DNA may be from Ancient Roman and Greek times which is fascinating to me.

As well as my Ancestry and genetic makeup, the new test as I’m a male also identifies my paternal haplogroup. The paternal haplogroup traces your Ancestry back to the first humans from Africa 250,000 years ago.

My previous test only showed the female group and I have since learnt it is only possible to identify the paternal haplogroup through a male or son’s DNA as daughter’s don’t inherit the Y chromosome. The paternal haplogroup for me is G. 

What was also cool is the new test identifies famous people from history that share your maternal and paternal haplogroup. My maternal haplogroup has also updated to T2 which it states Queen Elisabeth of Luxembourg and descendants through the maternal line, such as Charles I of England belonged to this group. Meanwhile my paternal haplogroup is shared by Richard III of England, Al Capone and the former basketball player Larry Bird. I find the Larry Bird one very amusing due to height as he is 6 ft 7 and I’m 5 ft 5 yet over 250,000 years ago we come from the same parernal line which is crazy but also makes you wonder if these connections are just loose or more direct in my family tree.

The final new section states how much Neanderthal DNA you have. Neanderthal’s are seen as the first humans in the evolutionary record but there was some breeding between Neanderthal’s and homosapiens meaning some DNA remained. From my test it came back with me ahving 1.5% Neanderthal DNA.


Another new area of the site analyses my DNA for various genetic traits and whether I have inclinations for certain health conditions. 

The list has a huge array of traits and conditions so I’m just going to pick out a few headline ones that stood out for me.

  • Short Stature: As mentioned above I’m 5 ft 5 and it stated that I had a 95% chance in my DNA of being of short stature which is crazy.
  • Baldness/Hair: This is a topic that I have personally felt a bit worried about for personal vanity reasons as my dad started losing his hair in his early 30’s and my grandad was also bald, also some of my mum’s brothers went bald too and in my DNA it states that there is a 95% chance of me going bald as well. However my dad’s brother who is a few years older and is 76 still has most of his hair so I am hopeful that I will beat this trait but only time will tell (maybe the 2050 update on this article I can tell you for sure what happened!).

    The characteristics also stated that though I personally had a low chance of having red hair that I am a carrier of the gene that decides red hair. There are family members that have red hair so that was interesting to note that I still have the gene within me.

  • Left Handedness: This one is very interesting and gives me hope for the baldness. According to my genes I had a 75% chance of being right handed, but I’m not so that does show a case of these characteristics just being indicators and not definite.

In the health section it stated that I had a much higher genetic risk of angina and coronary heart disease. I hope from my lifestyle where I work out and teach Zumba classes that I can mitigate these risks for my future health but was definitely useful to know about. It also states that I have the genetic variation for Hereditary hemochromatosis associated with HFE, this is an iron disorder which can cause iron to accumulate in the body, with damaging free radicals affecting cells.

Whilst I mainly did the test to learn my ancestry it is interesitng to see what traits I had a genetic predisposition too and then whether they happened or not which also goes to show whilst our genes do affect who we are it is not 100% certain what the end result will be.

I will continue to update these articles as time goes on and new genetic traits get added as I find the entire subject fascinating. If you have had an ancestry test done then let me know down below what you found out.

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