Welcome to A Novel Chapter

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, A Novel Chapter.

This is the first blog I have ever written and it aims to bring your reviews of many different novels – from the classics to the very latest novels by the best writers today with hopefully more book-related content to come in the future.

Why books?

In this first post, I felt it was right to tell you all why in particular I chose books as the main subject matter for my blog.

Books have been something that I have enjoyed reading from a very early age – both in my free time and also ones which I have studied. I have always felt a book can be a great source of entertainment which can enrich lives with different thoughts, experiences and ideas and many of my treasured memories usually involve a book.

They can also cover a wide range of genres and can be enjoyed and shared by everybody whatever their age may be.

However, the issue I find with some book review sites is they can appear condescending and difficult for people who enjoy reading for entertainment to actually understand.

This blog aims to be a straight to the point blog which can help you to find that next novel you may want to read, quickly and easily.

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts then my email address for the blog is anovelchapter@gmail.com

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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